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What Are The Most Popular Fashion Frames of 2022?

Glasses were formerly considered geeky and intellectualistic and were far away from the fashion spectrum. However, time has changed, and now you can see many celebrities wearing spectacles just for the sake of looking cool and elegant. As the trend has emerged, so many chic glasses for women and men have come into the market to meet everyone’s styling needs.

As the fashion industry changes every year, we see so many styles getting introduced into the market. To give you a sneak peek of what 2022’s styles are, we have curated this list that showcases the most popular fashion frames in 2022.

Cat-Eye Frames

Cat-Eye frames are an evergreen eyewear staple for women. We also see a fresh variation to this age-old style: Geometric cat-eye frames. This is a new trend this year. Cat-eye frames are sensuous yet serious and highlight your facial features and offer contour to a decisive woman who knows what she wants.

Clear Frames

Currently, clear frames are on trend. They are versatile and elegant, like black. Clear frames, for their neutral colour, suit every outfit. However, business casuals are the apparel that these frames find solace in. With a cool blazer, chinos, and dress shirt, this eyeglass frame creates a really charming look.

Thick Rimmed Geometric Frames

This year, geometric shapes are most loved. Whether it’s sharp-cut squares or soft-cornered hexagons, everything is revered. Square sunglasses have always been in style, thanks to Ray-Ban’s wayfarers. Now to add a freshness to it, we also have pentagons, hexagon, and octagon frames that superlatively look brilliant and give that sophisticated geeky vibe.

Translucent Nude Frames

A variation to white transparent frames, translucent glasses keeps some playfulness. There is a rainbow of beautiful translucent colours out there, but dusted pink seems to reign in the year 2022. This warm colour is like a breath of fresh air and wearing this, you wouldn’t be overlooked wherever you go.

Large Round Frames

Most suited for square and rectangular face shapes, large round frames accentuate sharp jawlines and longer faces. The best thing about these frames is that they can go with anything from business suits to hipster jackets and sweaters. In addition, large round frames are always funky, perfect for anyone who wishes to be bold.

Tortoiseshell Frames

If you want to stay tuned with this current eyewear trend, then tortoiseshell frames are perfect. The quirky pattern in brown and yellow gives your look a fresh and eccentrically cool vibe. However, if you are bored with this contemporary brown shade, there are many different colours perfect for your skin tone and hair colour.

70s Oversized Frames

Oversized frames were more prevalent and popular in the 70s, but steadily they are coming again to trend with a newer and fresher version. The square or slightly round frames in large size make you look fashionable without putting much effort into it. 

Thin Rimmed Frames

Thin-rimmed metal frames in golden or silver tones give a more professional vibe. Although any shape in metal frames looks equally elegant, round ones are exceptional. The double-bridge aviator-inspired style is a great pick for the office, with small frames perfect for achieving that cool look for your high school.

Perfect Round Frames

This frame is exclusive for people with sharp facial features. Square and rectangular face shapes can greatly leverage this frame. The round shape helps accentuate their face shape and tone down the sharpness. The retro silhouettes of these glasses ensure you will not go unnoticed.

Flat-Top Aviator Frames

Aviator sunglasses and glasses have always been a favourite of style enthusiasts. One could never go wrong wearing this on any occasion. What is more, the wide teardrop shape covers the maximum vision possible. This makes this shape a perfect choice for blue light-blocking glasses, essential for those sitting on a computer throughout the day.

Clubmaster Frames

The sleek and stylish shape of browline or clubmaster frames are perfect for adding an elegant vibe to your professional look. The frames are elegant and remind us of the retro era, which made these glasses popular. The semi-rimless style is vogue and practical for business casual and formal outfits.

Wrapping up

Long gone are the days when glasses were for geeks only. Nowadays, they come with numerous designs, making them a perfect style staple for everyone. If you want a fresh design for your prescription glasses or to add a hint of style with spectacles, here is your choice of trending eyeglasses styles. Moreover, if you want to buy sunglasses in South Africa, check out our vast arsenal of extremely chic shades on our online store.

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