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How to Choose Right Reading Glasses

If you’re suffering from presbyopia, AKA farsightedness, you may have to wear a pair of reading glasses, but that does not mean you have to compromise with the style. There are so many stylish reading glasses for men and women, which ensures you won’t lack a stylish look.

Nowadays, reading glass frames comes in such wide fashionable varieties that you can confidently add to your wardrobe to add that extra element of style to your outfit, even if you don’t have farsightedness. But what matters the most is the right choice of eyewear. Know how you can choose the right reading glasses that complement and compliment your look.


This should be your top priority when buying reading glasses for women or men. Whether you are a working professional or a homemaker, loose-fit glasses will look sloppy, and it will be a hassle to constantly keep adjusting them. Hence, make sure you choose the right size for your face.

One thing you can do is measure your face to determine what size of eyewear you need. Stand in front of the mirror and hold a ruler horizontally against your temple line. Note the measurement in inches and multiply with 25.4 to convert it into millimetres or if your ruler already has millimetres listed, check that. This will be your eyewear size, which will help you choose the right reading glasses. 


Frame quality is an essential factor when choosing the right reading glasses, as it ensures how durable your eyewear will be. The most popularly two materials glasses frames come in: acetate and metal.

Acetate frames are more lightweight and comfortable and make a good option if you have to wear your glasses for a prolonged period. Moreover, they come in a great variety of colours and designs, making them a popular choice for style enthusiasts.

Metal frames are more durable and impact-resistant than acetate frames. But they are sometimes heavier than acetate frames, which may add extra pressure to your nose bridge and sometimes leave marks, and some people might be allergic to metal. However, there are some metals like titanium which are lightweight and hypoallergenic.


There are so many styles of reading glasses for women and men both. If you check out our collection of reading glasses, you will encounter a variety of colours and shapes. As a rule of thumb, sharper face shapes would go perfectly with round frames and vice versa.

Here is a general guideline for picking the best frame for yourself:

  • Square frames compliment round face shapes
  • Round frames soften the sharpness of square and rectangular faces.
  • Rectangular or cat-eye frames are perfect for heart or diamond-shaped frames.
  • Oval face shapes are versatile and can go perfectly well with any frame.

Protective coating

The protective coating isn’t important in reading glasses, but it could make your glasses last longer. There are different types of coating you can choose:

Anti-scratch coating

Plastic lenses such as polycarbonate and trivex are highly prone to scratches. Therefore they need an anti-scratch protective coating that ensures they last long.

Anti-reflective coating

This coating reduces glare and reflection on the surface of your glasses. Glare can be distracting and also cause eyestrain. And also, they do not look good in photographs when the camera flashes.

Photochromic coating

Photochromic coating saves your eyes from harmful UV rays. These lenses could be a great option if you are light-sensitive or stay mostly out in the sun.

Choose your reading glasses at Globaleyes

At Globaleyes, we have a vast selection of reading glasses for men and women both. Our style arsenal comprises the most stylish frames from various global brands, allowing you to choose quality, comfortable, and fashionable eyewear. Check out our reading glass selection and pick your style today.

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