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A Comprehensive Guide For Buying Sunglasses in 2023

Choosing the right shades can be a bit tedious, especially if you are not a regular sunglass wearer and have little experience buying the ones. But fret not. If you, like many others, have problems selecting the right shades, we have this little guide for you. The comprehensive guide here offers an A to Z for buying sunglasses in 2023 to enable you to explore the fashionable eyewear world and add new styles to your wardrobe in the new year.

Sunglass anatomy

Knowing different components and terminologies is important to purchase the right pair of shades in 2023. The components that make up the sunglasses affect how they fit and look on your face.

  • Frame rim: The frame rim is the first thing you would look at as it determines your sunnies’ style.
  • Bridge: A small rod goes over the nose and supports the sunglasses’ weight. The bridge is an important factor in determining the size of your shades.
  • Nose Pads: These are the plastic pieces attached to the frame inside to provide comfort and help keep your glasses steady.
  • Temple arms: Temple’s arms are handles of your sunglasses that run through the side of your face and extend to the hind side of your ear.
  • Temple tips: The plastic silicone cover covers the top of the temple arms. They ensure comfort and relieve the pressure of the sunglasses resting on your ears.
  • Hinge: This tiny component connects the frame rim with temple arms and ensures the comfortable fit of your sunglasses.
  • Top bar: This is a stylized element attached to the rim of some sunglasses. However, not all sunglasses have this.

How to choose the right lenses

Choosing the right lens is important as it provides clear vision, protects your eyes against the sun, and gives you a stylish look. Here are some things you should look for in lenses when buying sunglasses in 2023.

Lens coatings

Nowadays, you will find many lens features that not only add a flair of fashion to your eyes but also protect your eyes from various elements.

  • Polarised lenses: Polarised sunglasses offer your eyes a comfortable viewing experience by reducing the glare from roads, snow, and large water bodies.
  • UV protection: The UV protection feature blocks the UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Prolonged exposure to these rays can increase the chances of various eye diseases.
  • Mirror lens: Mirror sunglasses look extremely stylish. However, they have practical functions as well. Mirror sunglasses can reduce the light coming through the lens, offering effortless vision.
  • Anti-reflective coating: Anti-reflective (AR) coating is also known as an anti-glare coating. It works the same as polarised sunglasses. However, AR glasses are ideal for driving at night.
  • Scratch-resistant coating: As the name suggests, scratch-resistant coating protects your lens from scratches, enhancing its lifespan. However, such shades are slightly expensive and may not suit everyone’s budget.

Lens material

The right lens material is important for safety, clarity, impact resistance, and other features. The lens stays close to your eyes. A few years ago, glass was the only material for lenses. However, nowadays, the lens comes in so many materials, such as:

  • Optical glasses: Optical glass lenses offer distortion-free vision. This type of glass is scratch-free and durable but can spider with minimal impact.
  • Plastic lenses: Plastic lenses are lighter and more impact-resistant than glasses. However, it is thicker and requires coating for scratch-proofing and UV protection.
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is a lightweight lens option that offers a high level of optical clarity. However, the downside is a lower level of scratch resistance.
  • SR-91 lenses: SR-91 lenses offer 100% UV protection and have the quality of optical glasses and the strength of polycarbonate. Moreover, it has waterproof-scratch resistance and anti-glare properties.

Lens tints

Many people think that lens tints are for style and look. However, that is not the case. Lens tints have other purposes than just making your shades look stylish. They are important based on the purpose of use, activities you perform, and weather conditions. Moreover, different lens colours offer a range of different looks and make your eyes react differently to varying lights.

  • Grey: Grey-tinted glasses are colour-neutral and offer crisp contrast. These glasses can cut glare while decreasing eyestrain, making them suitable for night-time driving.
  • Yellow/Orange: Yellow and orange glasses offer excellent contrast and depth perception. They are ideal in dark places as they can amplify the available light. The lenses are ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports.
  • Brown/Amber: Brown lenses enhance light quality. They cut out brown tones and increase the depth perception and contrast of the wearer. As these lenses work well in cloudy and sunny conditions, brown or amber lenses are ideal for fishing, hunting, cycling, and water sports.
  • Green: Green lenses filter out some blue light and reduce glare. They transmit all colours in an equal manner, which offers high contrast and visual sharpness. Green shades reduce eyestrain in bright sunlight, making them ideal for field sports such as baseball, tennis, golf, etc.
  • Red/Purple: Red tint blocks the blue light, increasing the contrast. Red and purple tints soothe the eyes and offer a comfortable viewing experience. Moreover, they also reduce glare, which makes them ideal for driving.
  • Blue: Blue tints filter out the white light and increase colour recognition. These lenses are used for activities on water and snow.

How to choose the right frame

Choosing the right frame is equally important as choosing the lenses. They ensure endurance, style, and comfort. There are a few points you want to consider when selecting the right frame for your sunglasses, such as:

Frame style types

The frame style depends on the look you want to achieve. Generally, there are three frame styles:

  • Full-frame: In full-frame styles, the lenses have metal or plastic rims surrounding them.
  • Half Frame: In this style, only half of the lenses have frames, and the other halves are open. For example, clubmaster sunglasses of Ray-Ban.
  • Frameless: Frameless or rimless sunglasses do not have any frame at all. The lenses are attached directly to the temples.

Frame material

Frame material plays a critical role in your shades’ safety, comfort, and functionality. Therefore, choosing the right frame material that meets your requirements is essential. Nowadays, you have so many options for the material of your frames.

  • Modelled plastic: Plastic frames are the most affordable and stylish options available. They come in multiple colours, styles, shapes, and designs.
  • Metal: Metal frames are easily adjustable and corrosion-resistant. However, they are less durable and more expensive than plastic frames.
  • Acetate: Acetate is a great alternative to standard plastic. These frames are more flexible, lightweight, and stronger. Moreover, they also come in various textures and colours. Moreover, they come from renewable sources, making acetate frames good for the environment.
  • Natural materials: These frames are created from natural materials, from buffalo horns to tortoise shells and wood. They are great alternatives for people with material-related allergies.

Various sunglasses design

While lenses and frames are important considerations when buying sunglasses, you should forget the design. Looking stylish is your primary goal for purchasing shades, isn’t it? As a result, the market is full of various sunglasses designs. 


Aviators are one of the most preferred sunglass styles. Made popular by Ray-Ban, these shades come with the most distinct features. Their lenses are twice as wide as human eyes, which offers wider coverage – exactly what they were made for.


Another style popularised by Ray-Ban, wayfarer shades are the oldest, most timeless, and more versatile sunglasses that will never go out of style. At least not soon.


Square sunglasses give you a bold and geometric look. It is a perfect style for people with round face shapes, as it gives their face shape a little edge of sharpness.


Rectangular sunglasses offer you a straightforward look with a versatile and comfortable style. 


Round-shaped sunglasses are ideal for square face cuts, as they tone down some of the sharpness. In addition, they can give you a sophisticated yet quirky appeal.


Oval shades go well with every face cut. They offer a basic and pretty appearance. These sunglasses are often worn by people with eccentric taste in fashion and are not afraid to try out new trends.


Wrap sunglasses perfectly wrap around your eyes and offer perfect peripheral vision. These shades are ideal for fast-paced sports and adventurous activities.


Shield sunglasses are the perfect option if you need more protection against the sun and UV rays. These frames offer a sleek, futuristic shield-like appearance and cover maximum UV protection.

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