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8 Ways to Tell if Ray-Ban Sunglasses Are Fake or Real

Whether you are buying Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses or simple polarized ones, you want to make sure that you pick the genuine product. Ray-Ban is a global eyewear brand manufacturing premium-quality sunglasses for men and women both. The brand uses premium material and lenses, so its products are relatively little expensive. Due to this, many illegitimate retailers toss low-quality, fake Ray-Ban sunglasses to customers to gain a good profit.

And you definitely don’t want to bring home fake sunglasses, right? Fake Ray-Ban sunglasses may be low in price, but they are also poorly made, so they don’t last long. They either break after a few weeks of purchase, or their hinges get loose. But besides these, below are other points why you should avoid fake Ray-ban sunglasses:

  • They don’t give adequate UV protection
  • They don’t have any warranty
  • They don’t appear as nice as authentic sunglasses
  • They may support unfair labour practices as these glasses may be manufactured in factories that exploit workers.

So, you should always strive to buy genuine Ray-Ban sunglasses. But spotting the difference between real and fake ones is not easy. Fake glasses almost look similar to genuine ones. However, you can determine the difference by checking a few things when buying your shades. So keep reading the article to know how to tell if your Ray-Ban sunglasses are fake or real.

Seams on sunglasses surface

Ray-Ban produces its glasses with high-quality material and the finest manufacturing processes. They are cut from a single piece of acetate and polished by hand. So you won’t find any rough edges and excess plastic on any authentic Ray-Ban eyewear. However, you will likely spot seams on the edges of fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Non-glass lens material

Another way you can tell whether your Ray-Ban sunglasses are fake or real is by checking their lens. Ray-Ban uses glass material for almost every pair of sunglasses. So if touching or clicking the lenses with your nail feels like they are of plastic, they most probably are fake Ray-Bans. However, some Ray-Ban glasses also have plastic lenses, so this does not mean all the goggles are fake. Also, note that all the Ray-Ban glasses offer high-level UV rays protection. 

Low-quality hinges

Check for the quality of hinges at the backside of your glasses. They should be made of metal and neatly bolted to their place. For example, some Ray-Ban goggles use seven-bristled hinges, which is a good sign of their authenticity. But lack of it does not mean your glasses are fake. Some eyewear like Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses uses other types of high-quality metal hinges.

Nose pads quality

Every part of Ray-Ban sunglasses is created with premium material, including those little nose pads. A genuine Ray-Ban glasses will have firmly attached, rubbery material nose pads. They usually come in a rose pink hue or are completely transparent. Moreover, you will also want to look for the “RB” logo embossed on the metal centre of your Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The lightweight of the sunglasses

The unusual lightness of your sunglasses could also mean your Ray-Bans are fake. Ray-Ban uses metal struts inside their eyewear arms. And this makes their glasses a little heavy. So if you think your glasses are not heavy enough to be able to hold a few sheets of paper from flying, they probably are fake.

Engravings on sunglasses corner

You can also tell if your Ray-Ban sunglasses are genuine or fake by looking at the metal engraving on the corner of your sunglasses. This will usually be in shiny colour, horizontal diamond or oval shape. In genuine sunglasses, the shiny part should not come off when scratched or should not feel like it can be easily removed.

Ray-Ban logo on the glasses

Ray-Ban shades have a Ray-Ban, or RB logo etched on the left lens in Ray-Ban’s trademarked fonts. If you have glasses older than 2000, you will find the Bausch & Lomb or B&L logo. If your sunglasses are genuine, the logo will be visible. You should not be able to scratch or smudge the print.

The model number inside the arms

Ray-Ban gives various product-related details on the sunglasses’ arms. And this can also tell you if your Ray-Ban sunglasses are fake or genuine. For example, you will find the manufacturing number and serial number on the left arm. And the right arm will have the Ray-Ban logo, “Made in Italy” print, and a styled CE (which signifies the product complies with European environmental and health standards). If any detail is missing or not in proper print, your glasses are most certainly fake.

How can I confirm the serial number of my Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a box and a booklet. You can check the serial number of your glasses in the booklet. Moreover, you can also confirm the number from Ray-Ban’s official website.

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