10 Fantastic Eyewear Brands To Follow on Instagram

Since social media has so much impact on us, your favourite eyewear brands are set up on these platforms to grab your attention. If you are anything like us and like to get in touch with different eyewear brands on Instagram, you would love to go through this post to get a list of 11 fantastic eyewear brands to follow on Instagram.


Bold and glamorous, Dita sunglasses cast one perfect charm on their wearer. Its Instagram account follows the same notion of luxurious style through its eye-catching product photography and attractive models wearing them. Most photography done for Dita products is in darker setups, giving it a mysterious and tempting tone.


Formerly associated with Gucci, Tom Ford is a celebrated designer and film director. He started his brand in 2005, offering all luxury fashion products, from jewellery to footwear and accessories. In between pictures of these products on its Instagram account, you would spot fashionable sunglasses the brand produces.



There is no doubt Gucci’sGucci’s Instagram account would be all glam. This global, influential fashion house has more than 40 million followers on social media. They regularly update them with the latest vogue products, including their ultra-modern and chic eyewear, worn by diverse models.


Saint Laurent’sLaurent’s branding game is really strong on Instagram. The company often puts pictures and reels featuring landscapes, structures, and models wearing their sunglasses and other products.


Jimmy Choo’sChoo’s Instagram account looks glamorous and fashion-infused as the brand’s sunglasses. You would spot beautiful models sporting brand products in sensuous and sizzling postures while beautiful landscapes, structures, or swimming pools reside in the background.

D&G (Dolce & Gabbana)

Dolce & Gabbana’sGabbana’s Insta profile is all about art and innovation. You would spot the company’s in-style product photographs in posts. At the same time, their video sections display a lot of ramp walks, fashion videography, and marvellous gothic architecture of the Roman era, along with colourful interiors or places.


If you would like to stumble with cute dog pics in-between lots of fashionable wear and accessories like sunglasses in your Instagram feeds, then Givenchy’sGivenchy’s profile is for you to follow. 


With an inspirational quote like “”What moves you makes you””, Mont Blanc’sBlanc’s Instagram account fronts their bold and beautiful side. Its eccentric black and white pictures of sunglasses and other accessories and apparel perfectly match the brand’s tone. You will find posts with darker effects and settings, with inspiring quotes here and there.


Elie Saab is a Lebanon-based fashion designer specialising in bridal couture. His Instagram is a spectacular sight for beauties who dream from their childhood to walking in the aisle. Here, you will find a lot of beautiful bridal dress inspirations as well as vogue one-pieces and sunglasses designed by a renowned designer.


Marc Jacob is one of the celebrated fashion designers in the US who started his eponymous collection in 1994. His brand’s Instagram account is all about glamorous pictures of his designer apparel, handbags, sunglasses, and other accessories.

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